An exciting new look at the Youngblood’s most popular songs, rearranged and recorded with new life by Lowell Levinger with guests such as Jesse Colin Young, David Grisman, Ry Cooder and a host of others. Levinger, one of the original founding members of the band along with Young has infused this release with the same eclectic, fun-loving energy that the Youngbloods put into their shows. This Collectors Edition is guaranteed to inspire a new generation and some old fans to embrace the magic created in those Youngblood years.)

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Vinyl Release – Double 10″ LP – Lavish Package


Get Together on vinyl!
From Shagrat-Hookah Records in the UK. A big beautiful package with the booklet enlarged and tucked into the middle panel with the two LP’s occupying the side panels. The graphics look great and the labels by John Hurford are brilliant. (see sample above) And … it sounds like a record. It has the full uncut 6:40 minute version of Supersonic Transport (with all of Nina Gerber’s solos) and a bonus track of Fred Neil’s song that The Youngbloods used to do, “Another Side Of This Life”.
It’s available now and you can order right here <– over there on the left. Or you can order directly from Shagrat-Hookah Records.

We had a marvelous LP release party in London at the stunning QueCumBar French Cafe on Sunday Nov 1st with John Hurford and many other luminaries in attendance. (see photo below)