Lots has happened since I last posted News.

Sep 2, 2017

Well it’s been awhile since I posted to this news page and I aplogize.
I’ve become a disciple – playing piano with Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul.
Steven and I first met last year in August 2016 at the Notodden Blues Festival and became friends.

When I saw that he was headlining the Notodden Festival in 2017, I wrote to him and applied to be a Disciple. He accepted and before you knew it I was playing in New Jersey with Bruce Springsteen.

I am thrilled to be with this organization of dedicated musicians and crew. Everyone here is incredibly hard working, professional, talented, supportive and simpatico.

We toured Europe in June and July and we are touring the US in late September and October.
Then in November we go back to the UK and Europe for a month and a half.

It is a great band and a fun show.