An exciting new look at the Youngblood’s most popular songs, rearranged and recorded with new life by Lowell Levinger with guests such as Jesse Colin Young, David Grisman, Ry Cooder and a host of others. Levinger, one of the original founding members of the band along with Young has infused this release with the same eclectic, fun-loving energy that the Youngbloods put into their shows. This Collectors Edition is guaranteed to inspire a new generation and some old fans to embrace the magic created in those Youngblood years.)

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Lowell Levinger

Founding member of The Youngbloods, Banana sings Americana songs from bluegrass to country blues to old R&B classics that swing while they tell stories. He plays an Italian 5 string tenor guitar tuned in fifths with a unique style and sound.

The Buddy and Jim Show

Buddy Jim and Me 3

On Saturday Sept 20 in Nashville I went to Buddy Miller’s studio and he and Jim Lauderdale and I talked and sang a few songs and basically had a grand old time of it. What a couple of great guys and also, by the way brilliant musicians and singers.
I’m not sure yet when it will be aired but I’ll let y’all know (as they say) as soon as I do.
Photo by Kari Estrin

A Castle in Italy

Castle October in Italy in a castle ! Banana has been planning this trip for three years and has invited many friends to come and stay a few nights at the castle which is also a winery ! Delicious dolcetto and spumante. There will be a house concert there on Oct 23rd with some special guests. October in Piemonte is the white truffle season not to mention all the other delicious bounties of the harvest.